We have a deep sense of responsibility, we continually strive to create a better environment for the place we work, the communities we care about and maintaining balance between the economy and the ecosystem. We believe in people, the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute when we could to economic development while improving the quality of life of our asset workforce and their families as well as the local community.  

We aren't ready yet to produce your goods out of plants, but we are working one step at a time for bringing green and sustainability into manufacture. 


To achieve sustainability across manufacturing process thus enabling manufacturing resource efficiency and production network resiliency. We constantly try saving from all prospects, cutting down from energy usage on lightings, injection machineries, equipments,  recycling water usage for heating, for replacing machineries cooling towers, recycling materials, reducing factory running emission on waste and minimizing manufacturing processes. 


As for Social Responsibility we continue fulfill commitments and obligations by donate and sponsoring families throughout with difficulties. Starting from  2006, We've donated over a dozen of nonprofit charity trust, which included: Medical support for cancer research, Children’s cancer foundation, educational fund for children in needs, world's children's fund, Centers for the Elderly, Hong Kong Red Cross associate, Agency for Volunteer Services and Orbis humanitarian organization devoted to blindness.  In August 2011, Ngai Kwong set up a charity trust with goal to provide financial aid and support to students with good academic results but struggle on education tuitions fees. 62 high school students from Quijiang, China have received scholarships from Ngai Kwong Charity trust 2011-2012. And this year board of directors of Ngai Kwong International pay visit to homes of these children  who will be receiving scholarships from in the upcoming academic school year.


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