Ngai Kwong International Ltd. (NKI) is a world renowned manufacturer that transformed itself from manufacturing plastic toys in the 1950's to household appliances in the 80's and became a quality OEM manufacturer and care taker of famous international brands in the 90's. Product expertise ranges from vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, water filters, emergency lighting and hair & beauty appliances. Millions of products under well known international brand names have been produced and sold by NKI.

Being one of the most successful manufacturers in its generation, NKI understood the need to invest in its people. Each major transformation from a simple toy manufacturer to a care taker of international brands resulted in challenges that could only have been met with higher qualities in deliverables from its engineers, production managers, quality inspectors, project managers and executive management. Thus at the turn of the century, when many manufacturers were competing on price, NKI decided to invest in and focus on industrial design and IP development. Today NKI is again ahead of the crowd with expertise and know-how in product development.

NKI understands that your success depends on the quality you deliver to your customers and has in the past 35 years developed trusting relationships with well known international consumer goods companies as stewards of their brands. Whether it is a single production run or a large scale complex production and logistics solution, NKI has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs. NKI has successfully completed hundreds of products across different levels of complexity and sizes under many international brands that are still selling in major retail chains today. 


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NKI’s goal is to produce high-quality products that live up to and exceed the promises of their brands.  NKI believes that through many years of experience in procurement, materials selection, manufacturing and assembly that it can offer unparalleled stratgic advantage to its clients.  NKI has one of the highest success rates in drive projects from concept validation into production..   NKI has chosen time and time again to invest in its people, equipment and processes so that the long term goals of our clients are both achievable and sustainable in the long run. NKI strives to constantly improve its processes to serve clients with ever-improving quality. NKI understands that a successful future depends on the success and sustainable advantage of their clients. 
  • Co-developed with Hollywood hair designer creating the " Most valuable product" for Beauty care industry 2010 – U.S
  • Awarded 100% for Home care & Health care QAKE auditing report
  • Remarkable success achieving “Victoire de la Beaute 2011” award on beauty care products - Europe.



Catching up with high demand, Manufacture conversion into O.D.M with New Business Development divison formed.